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For the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, Ford's management presented on its stand a unique concept car aimed at young audiences.

Rear section of 021C ( Photo Credits : www.time.com )

This model, called 021C, was a small 3.6-meter long and 1.6-meter large. The four-seater sedan's name was chosen by the Australian designer Marc Newson, who intended to pay homage to his favourite Pantone.

The Zetec 1.6 engine ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.com )

Produced by the coachbuilding firm Ghia, it implemented a four-cylinder Zetec 1.6 engine with a power of 100 hp with 143 Nm of torque managed by a four-speed automatic transmission.

Marc Newson, designer of 021C ( Photo Credits : www.cappellini.it )

Designed to be used in the narrow urban spaces, the car aimed for a practical use thanks to numerous mechanical solutions.

The suicide doors of 021C ( Photo Credits : www.diseno-art.com )

The back rack was pulled out like the drawer of a furniture and access to the cockpit was guaranteed by handleless suicide doors which used push-buttons.

The rear trunk of 021C ( Photo Credits : www.marc-newson.co )

The front seats could be rotated of 90 ° to allow passengers to enter even more easily while the lighting system consisted of a huge headlight that used LED technology in both the front and back.

The instrument panel of 021C ( Photo Credits : www.autoblog.it )

Winner of the salon's best concept car award, it never reached mass production.

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