Ford adds 500 jobs in order to meet a 50 percent increase in F-150 EV production

      Ford estimates a 50 percent increase in F-150 production will be needed to accommodate the demand.

      2w ago


      You might not know this, but Ford makes a pickup truck called the F-150, it's been around for a while, and some of them have been really fast, while some of them have been good at off-roading. Okay, that was fun to act like people don't know what the F-150 is, especially considering Ford sold nearly 900,000 of them last year. For reference, according to the song "Seasons of Love", there are 525,600 minutes in a year, which means that every time you sing through "Seasons of Love", 5.1 F-150's have been sold. That was before Ford added the PowerBoost Hybrid too, and now that Ford is introducing a pure EV version, the Blue Oval thinks that they need to increase F-150 EV production as much as 50 percent to meet demand.

      Just wrap your head around that. A 50 percent increase. Granted, Ford hasn't claimed to say what their proposed market size is, but still, that's no small feat, especially considering Ford will likely have some fierce competition by the time the F-150 EV goes on sale. The other interesting part of this claim is that it's Ford making this claim. It's not Rivian making claims about its 100,000 delivery vans, or Lordstown, or Bollinger, or even Tesla, it's Ford, who has proven themselves to be a competent automaker, capable of putting their products where their mouth is.

      Ford plans to tackle this Herculean claim by adding 500 jobs to its workforce to build the F-150 EV. Ford initially planned to add 200 jobs to its River Rouge plant where the F-150 is built, and now they adding another 300 jobs on top of that. Add in a $700 million overhaul for good measure, and I think Ford might just have enough resources to get it done.

      This claim is also backed up by some facts though. Autolist reported that consumers would be more interested in EV trucks from established automakers like Ford and GM, but a 50 percent increase seems a bit skewed, especially for just one automaker, but Ford is the best selling truck manufacturer in the US since 1981, so I think they know the market well enough to make this claim.

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      Comments (7)

      • If it means more domestic manufacturing production, I'm all for it!

          17 days ago
      • Yes and the jobs will be great for Detroit.

          17 days ago
      • People want regular cars that happen to be electric. Ford has the right idea, take an F150 make it electric! Maybe a Ranger next? How about a Ford Taurus... Electric. It's not rocket science if you can get the charge time down, the price comparable, and the range for the average commuter.

          13 days ago
      • For goodness sake, make a right-hand drive model and you will double your sales!! Aust/NZ Please.

          15 days ago
      • Interesting. The introduction isn’t sarcasm though. Here in the UK most people have no idea what an F150 is, and Ford doesn’t sell them (they wouldn’t fit on the roads anyway).

          16 days ago


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