Ford And Roush Have Partnered To Make Mustang GTs Stomp Hellcats All Day Long

1y ago


If you are a fan of Ford Performance, or Ford in general, or just know a thing or two about cars, you've no roubt heard the name Roush. The specialty tuner has made its name in racing and turning of cars through the last many decades. Specifically, Fords. Duh.

Well Ford Performance has once again partnered with Roush to create a glorious supercharger kit that, get this, will bost a stock 2018 Mustang GT to 700 horsepower. Yea, that's enough to shit all over Hellcats all the live long day.

From Ford:

“Ford and Roush have teamed up on performance for years on and off the track,” said Doug White, Global Ford Performance Parts Manager. “This new supercharger is another great example of our innovation in performance, greatly improving horsepower and torque so people can enjoy two of our most iconic vehicles even more."

“Our teams collaborated to create the most highly engineered, tested and performing supercharger kit on the market,” said Jack Roush, chairman, board of directors, Roush Performance. “The combination of the 2018 5.0-liter engine and our all-new, fully integrated 2650 supercharger system yields simply incredible, no-compromise performance.”

The kit comes with everything you'll need to install it and then immediately call out your nearest, smug-ass Hellcat neighbor. Oh and you can also chuck it on an F-150 as well.

"The supercharger kit is specially designed to work with the 5.0-liter V8’s new port and direct injection fuel system. The Mustang GT version also offers 610 lb.-ft. of torque at 12 psi of boost on 93 octane fuel for either manual or automatic transmission. When fitted to a 2018 F-150, it provides 640 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft."

That's Z06 territory power, in a gas, non-turbo-diesel truck. Awesome. God bless the power states of America. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty stoked to see the first of these at the strip.