Ford Announces Limited Edition Focus RS

Regular readers will know I'm a massive fan of the Ford Focus RS, so much so that I enter BOTB every week in the hope I win one. I've been yearning to drive one for ages, and I finally got my chance last week, but that will come in a separate article so look out for that. Until then, I've got some news about the hot hatch of the moment - there's going to a limited edition one.

There's a snag though

Only 500 are going to be made, and sadly they will only be available in the USA and Canada. At this point I'm tempted to stop this article right now and emigrate, but sadly that's simply not practical. That problem aside, let's talk about what the limited edition actually includes. The tweaks are both visual and mechanical, making the Focus RS even more desirable.

what's new?

Let's start with mechanical changes - the four wheel drive system is highly rated already, but Ford has now added a limited-slip differential to give even more grip in the bends, not that this was a problem in the standard car. From where I sat when I gave it a quick drive, it hung on to the tarmac like chewing gum stuck to a trainer's sole. If going sideways is your thing, then don't worry as the drift mode will still be firmly in place.

So, so much want right now...

Moving on to visual changes, the Race Red (why can't we get that in the UK?!) and the trademark Nitrous Blue get treated with a gloss black roof and wing mirrors, plus the chunky wing at the rear gets the same treatment. The visual enhancements continue inside as the door handles, handbrake and the turbo boost gauge are trimmed in carbon fibre.

“To satisfy strong demand for the ever-popular Focus RS, I’m very excited that we’re bringing this limited-edition vehicle to North America,” said Henry Ford, Ford Performance marketing manager. “We have spent a great deal of time listening to our customers, speaking to owners’ club members, reading comments and suggestions on enthusiast websites, and even studying various forum Photoshop renderings.”

Prices have not have been announced but deliveries will arrive towards the end of this year, but sadly not in the UK.... Must not cry, must not cry, must not - oh what's the use...

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