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Ford are teasing the new Bronco Raptor!

But would you have it over an F-150?

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Ford's uniquely named 'Raptor' sub-brand has made a few crackers in the short lifespan it has had. The Ford Ranger Raptor, with a restrained 2.0L twin turbo diesel, is a car much liked by Mr Richard Hammond himself! The Ford F-150 designed for the American market with a large V6 churning out over 450bhp, is it's big brother, and we have seen from Ford's future plans that the Raptor name will become an umbrella for many different models, like the RS and ST badges already have.

Stinks of 'can't quite afford the F-150'

Stinks of 'can't quite afford the F-150'

And we have recently learnt that the name will be expanding further, onto the likes of the very hyped Bronco! If you are a fan of performance, but want some usability, this may be the car for you. (But the rest of us can be excited anyway!)

Ford posted an image of a prototype mid-flight, with the caption 'Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Microphone #FordBronco.'

Ford's choice of paintwork was somewhat questionable.

Ford's choice of paintwork was somewhat questionable.

Now, time for the bad news. The current Bronco hasn't even arrived at dealerships yet, and current Ford plans show the Bronco Raptor as likely to jump onto owners drives in 2023. Am I the only one who doesn't have the patience for the cataclysmically slow car concept-to-production time?

Time for the specs. The current Bronco range topper has a 310bhp and 400lb/ft V6. However, a more powerful version will be used (obviously) and the V6 from the Explorer ST seems like the prime candidate. 400bhp and 415lb/ft of torque means that this could be on par with the fastest version of the new Defender!

The New Bronco offers open top thrills without the sports car lifestyle!

The New Bronco offers open top thrills without the sports car lifestyle!

Mind you, while we've seen the Defender do similar jumps in the James Bond 'No time to die' trailer, I think the chances are, that at least until a Defender SVA comes out, the Bronco Raptor is going to win when it comes to the muddy stuff!

When dad says 'I know a shortcut'

When dad says 'I know a shortcut'

Ford is becoming increasingly niche, and while the last sedan dies off, the performance hatches start to be cancelled and the minivans are replaced with crossovers, it becomes increasingly likely that Ford in 3 years will only have a Mustang and a series of 4x4s left! And if that truly is the outcome, the new Bronco Raptor might be the last 'Blue-collar performance Ford'.

At least it looks like a jolly good one!

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Comments (5)

  • I love the look of the new bronco but I would still rather have an F 150 raptor

      20 days ago
  • Farmers round our way seem to use them utility buggies.

      12 days ago
  • No point in liking the Bronco here in the U.K. as from what I understand, we ain’t getting it.

      19 days ago
    • No, nor would it do well over here. The Bronco is a brilliant looking car, but looks like it’s designed for having fun off road. We just don’t have enough public trail in this country to take advantage of it. Most of our off roading is done by...

      Read more
        17 days ago


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