Ford asks Goodyear to make "Non-Wrangler" branded tires for the new Bronco

In terms of automotive pettiness, this takes the cake.

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There's been plenty of pettiness in the automotive industry over the years. From the word Camaro being described as "a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs", to Dodge making fun of Volkswagen, and myriad other examples, but I don't think any of them have gone to the lengths that Ford did when it sat down with Goodyear, a tire manufacturer, about its off-road tire contract for the new Bronco.

See, the Bronco has four wheels, and with the spare tire mounted on the back, it has five. That is all well and good for companies like Nitto and BF Goodrich to slap their off-road tires on and they'll look awesome. Goodyear however, will have to take a few extra precautions to ensure that they can keep their arrangement with Ford, because their off-road tire has one very significant flaw that Ford wants to be resolved before they put them on the new Bronco. For those of you who don't know, there's a bit of an issue with the name of Goodyear's off-road tire's name...particularly the spelling.

You can see how this would be an issue, right? Well Ford certainly thinks so, and in an effort to get out in front of the memes of a Bronco driving on Wrangler-branded tires, Ford has asked Goodyear to remove the word "Wrangler" from the outside wall of the tire. Goodyear will however keep the Wrangler name on the inside wall of the tire, as it is part of their aftermarket branding.

I find this to be absolutely hilarious that Ford is going to such great lengths to ensure that the Bronco is able to develop its fanbase without giving Jeep some free advertising. That being said, I'm sure that this has probably caused quite the outcry from the Goodyear loyalists and I'm sure Wrangler Jeans are wondering if they too should start stitching the Bronco logo into the back pockets of their lineup for funsies.

Is Ford's request from Goodyear justified? Or is it ridiculous? Have you ever done something this petty? Comment Below!

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Sex workers demand royalties from Ford over use of "Escort"

      11 days ago
  • “Jeep gets angry at Denver football team for naming themselves after a rival SUV”. Once that happens, I would have died and gone to heaven.

      11 days ago
  • Not petty or silly at all.

    It is a contractural issue and I can certainly understand the reasons Ford would want to try to work out a solution.

      11 days ago
  • I enjoyed this one.

      11 days ago
  • Goodyear can just spell them Ranguhler.

      11 days ago