Ford & Autodromo create GT inspired watches

Can't get a Ford GT? This watch might be the next best alternative

3y ago

Ford and Autodromo have collaborated to create two unique watch model lines inspired by Ford GT.

The first watch, the Autodromo Ford GT Endurance Chronograph which is available in five designs, celebrates Ford's presence at the historic Le Mans 24 hour race 50 years ago. Three designs commemorate the 1966 winner, the fourth design comes in red and white commemorating the 1967 winner whilst the fifth design comes in red, white and blue commemorating the class winner in 2016. However if still none of these designs are to your liking, then you can get a 'simpler' design of a blue watch with white stripes or a blue watch with red and white handles which is a tribute to the American and French flags. The cases of this line are made of stainless steel and use a Seiko mecha-quartz movement.

The second watch - The Owner's Edition Chronograph which is only available to the owners of Ford GT, is a fully customisable watch for which the colours will match the owner's cars as well as including a serial number matching the car's chassis number. It will feature a 'honeycomb' texture which is based on some of the aluminium components found in the Ford GT's chassis whilst the buttons and crown of the watch are based on the GT's shift paddles and scroll wheels. This second watch will also feature a sapphire crystal dial and a Swiss flyback automatic movement which will be in a ceramic case.

The Autodromo Ford GT Endurance Chronograph can be pre-ordered now for $695 per piece whilst the Owner's Edition Chronograph will be available to order in 2018 for which the pricing has not been released yet but expect it to be 'slightly' higher than the first line.

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