Ford Bronco owners are reporting that their roof panels are failing

Did anybody ask for a snakeskin-spec Bronco?

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It's no surprise that Bronco production has been a literal nightmare for Ford. Production delays from a pandemic, followed by a chip shortage, and now, quality issues are all plaguing the Bronco's much-anticipated launch.

More specifically, it's the Bronco roofs that are the subject of criticism now. Those who opted for the Carbonite Gray roofs are getting some bittersweet news: their Bronco's are leaving the factory. However, they are leaving with a fine selection of issues courtesy of rushed production.

This style of Bronco (ones that have a differing hardtop color than the hardtop) won't even go into production until 2022

This style of Bronco (ones that have a differing hardtop color than the hardtop) won't even go into production until 2022

According to the popular Ford forum Bronco6G, several owners are reporting odd snakeskin patterns on their hardtops. The owners report that the snakeskin texture is "obvious to the eye", though it can't be felt. Two owners have announced their issues with the paint on their Bronco's.

It's unknown what's causing these issues, though some have speculated that it's an issue with the lamination. The hardtops on these Broncos are manufactured by Webasto, the same company that builds hardtops for Jeep, BMW, and Mazda. Despite supply issues from the company, you'd think they would have their stuff figured out by now.

However, that isn't the end of the line for Bronco quality issues. Another owner reported that his Bronco's headliner is starting to peel off from a few spots.

And sure, you can say these are early examples, and the first examples of a new model almost always suffer some sort of casualty, these issues are happening just a few weeks into ownership. It's scary to think of what may go wrong in a few months; and it's definitely something you wouldn't expect from a $30,000 truck. It's unclear how many Broncos are affected by these problems, though Ford did say to Jalapnik in a statement that if you are affected by any quality issues with your Bronco, contact your Ford dealer so the problem can be resolved.

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  • New models are always subject to bugs in the beginning, I’ve often been told to skip the first year of production. Maybe others should follow that advice. I know it’s cool to purchase new model but I think it’s worth the wait. My opinion.

      8 days ago
  • What a waste of money

      8 days ago
  • Bronco. Looks like a Tonka Toy, but without the indestructibility.

      8 days ago
  • Fix Or Repair Daily / Fucking Old Rebuilt Dodge

      8 days ago
  • oh no

      6 days ago