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Ford Bronco Sasquatch gets manual transmission

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After a massive amount of pressure from potential Bronco buyers, Ford confirmed it has decided to offer the Bronco's seven-speed manual transmission with the Sasquatch package. As a refresher, the gearbox is a Getrag-sourced seven-speed manual, with six forward gears in a conventional pattern and a crawler gear (marked "C") located left and down from the first set of gates. The crawler gear—also known as a granny gear—is a super-low ratio that allows the Bronco to slowly crawl over almost anything in its path.

The Sasquatch package is available on every Bronco trim, and brings 35-inch all-terrain Goodyear rubber; fatter flares; an additional suspension lift; high-travel, position-sensitive Bilstein shocks; two additional inches of track; 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels; and front and rear locking differentials with a 4.71 final-drive. The Sasquatch/manual pairing will offer a 94.75:1 maximum crawl ratio. That's one heck of an off-roader.

Official orders (for those who didn't pre-order) will open in December, but manual Sasquatch 2021 Bronco models aren't going on sale until late 2021. That's likely due to Bronco production already being allocated to the various other trims.

(Source: Motor Trend)

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