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Ford Bronco's production will start in March 2021

Still six months to go!

35w ago

Information about the new Ford Bronco is coming slowly. So, after the official announcement that there will be no V8 engine, we now know when the vehicle will go into production. This indication comes from an official calendar of Ford's future product releases.

The latter has leaked and has been retrieved by Bronco6G website. According to this document, the Ford Bronco should start production in March 2021. It will therefore be six months before the first vehicles arrive on American roads and trails. Patience is therefore still required.

This period will be profitable for Jeep, which could further improve its Wrangler and refine its commercial plans. The V8-powered Wrangler will also be able to arrive serenely and most likely before the Bronco Raptor. We also note that the Bronco's little brother, the Bronco Sport, will arrive much later.

We will have to be patient this time because the SUV will only go into production on October 26, 2021. That's seven months after the standard Bronco!

Photo credits Bronco6G

Photo credits Bronco6G

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