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Ford CEO takes shots at Tesla's 'FSD' claims: "We tested it" "so our customers don't have to"

Ford CEO, Jim Farley, taking shots at Tesla's "Full Self Driving" rollout, saying on Twitter "BlueCruise! We tested it in the real world, so our customers don't have to"

3w ago

It's no secret that Ford is midway through the most extensive brand revitalization in the company's history. But that doesn't mean they intend to go the full Elon Musk.

Tesla's fast and loose approach to testing and releasing autonomous vehicle technology has left many, including myself, in an uproar. And Ford CEO, Jim Farley is clapping back:

And although Ford is following in Tesla's footsteps with the Mach-E Farley is still banking on the blue oval's reputation for stability.

Tesla's system is not overly unique in its own right, sharing many similarities with GM's Super Cruise. But it's the California automaker's naming and testing tactics that leave cause for concern. Elon Musk has said many times that "By 2017," a Tesla, operating under "Full Self Driving," would drive itself from Los Angeles to New York. And while this has never happened, the underlying 'technology' continues to be marketed by Tesla, with a $10,000 "Full Self Driving" option currently available on the company's online configurator.

This naming scheme has been deemed inaccurate, misleading, and dangerous by many autonomous vehicle experts, and even the California DMV, with German courts going so far as to ban Tesla from using such terminology.

Ford's system, Blue Cruise, will have nominally fewer features than Tesla's largely experimental "Full Self Driving Beta." But unlike Tesla's system, Ford will not require drivers to "check-in" with the car by tapping the steering wheel. Instead, implementing a suite of cameras to ensure that the driver is still paying attention.


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  • Every time automakers go in for a swift jab, this image creeps into the back of my mind.

      25 days ago
  • If it has tablet controls, I will not buy it.

      24 days ago
  • I clicked this to see at least some quotes from Ford about how the system is and such... But yeah nothing. Don't click bait me!

      24 days ago