Ford confirms that the Mustang GT350 siblings will bite the dust after 2020

This is happening only for the imminent arrival of the Mach 1.

1y ago

As new things come, the old ones must bid sayonara, is what the old aphorism asserts. This phrase is a testament to the massive automotive industry as well where new models, facelifts, engine transplants, etc. come and go in a whiff. In an interview with Muscle Cars and Trucks, Jim Owens, Head of Mustang Marketing breaks silence on why the GT350 and its spicier sibling, GT350R will bid adieu to the world.

Owens is of the opinion that pulling the plug on the GT350 duo will make way for the Mach 1 that is slated to launch next spring and will transcend the former. It emulates the attributes of the 350 and develops on it. Hence, the GT350 concomitants the Mach 1.

Owens also punctuates that the Mach 1 has learnt a lot from the forebear and will be the ultimate track-focussed weapon. Through the GT350, Ford was able to appraise what worked and what didn’t with the Shelby siblings. This analysis will help them to master the engineering of the Mach 1 leading it to become a manufacturing marvel with several proud owners.

These days, the most imperative of all for manufacturers is to make their cars adhere to the latest emission norms. The West known for its obstinate attitude towards manufacturers who make a faux pas in complying their cars to the latest emission yardsticks had stated earlier that Ford could not legally sell the GT350 and the 500 as they failed to meet the standards. Therefore, the 350 and the more potent 500 could no longer be sold as global products further intensifying the need for their discontinuation.

The Mach 1 will also use Ford’s 5.0-litre V8 that will replace the 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 of the GT350 and will also be more fuel efficient to be a global product in Ford’s portfolio. While it is sad to see the 350 counterparts laying to rest forever, Ford has promised us that the Mach 1 will be the “best Mustang 5.0-litre V8” which only means we have to get exhilarated for the vibrant future of this highly coveted Muscle car that we all wish to sample one day.

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  • That’s a Bullitt.


      1 year ago
    • Yep! Didn't find any images on their website for the GT350.

        1 year ago
    • Easy to fix. Just add: "A cousin of the siblings, the Bullitt, is also gone in 2021, with all three of them - the GT350, the GT350R and the Bullitt - being replaced with the new Mach 1." And then talk about the Mach 1. If you leave it like it is you...

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        1 year ago