Ford Escort Rally car you can drive to the shops is destined to eat B-Roads

A brand-new MK2 Escort in 2021? Count us in!

5w ago

The Ford Escort was an icon of rallying back in its day, and still enjoys plenty of popularity and (very) strong residual values, with prices continuing to skyrocket in recent years.

However, with a majority of 'good' cars now spoken for, what if we told you that you could get a BRAND NEW, 70-plate MK2 Escort in 2020? You'd probably think we've officially lost our minds, but it's true!



Built by hand by MST in Northern Wales, these new MK2 Escorts are the perfect B-road blaster, without the insane price tag of old MK2 Escort RS's.

This is no reconditioned shell, however. The shell is completely fabricated by MST, before the chassis is given an official DVLA-registered chassis number and the build begins properly.

Customers can choose between a standard Escort body or a 'Tarmac' rally-spec shell, complete with FIA-approved rollcage. Under the hood sits a 2.5l Ford Duratec engine with ATR throttle bodies, free-flow exhaust system, alloy radiator and billet sump. In its 'base' spec the engine puts out around 200hp, but can be boosted to 300 with a number of options and upgrades available while the car is built.

In keeping with tradition, power is sent to the rear wheels via a limited-slip diff, allowing for plenty of rally-style 'Scandi flicks.' A set of 13" minilite wheels are period-correct and look fantastic on the car, being kept on the ground by a set of Bilstein coilovers and dampers, aided by a set of AP racing brakes to keep things in check.



Naturally, the interior is pretty sparse being a 'rally car for the road' but it's unlikely anyone will complain. There is a set of nice bucket seats though, and leather upholstery can be specified (along with the aforementioned FIA cage.)

So, how much does this new build cost? Well, they start at £69,000 so it's not cheap, but having a rally car built especially for you from the ground up? We think it's worth it!

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Comments (9)

  • Absolutely love this, even if the only Mk2 Escort my family ever had apparently developped a leak on day 1 and was immediately returned and replaced with a Citroen GS. Hopefully these ones don't suffer from 70s British build quality so badly

      1 month ago
  • Amazing. What are we calling this genre? It's not a RestoMod. ReMod maybe?

      1 month ago
  • Time to sell the family I suppose

      1 month ago
  • Was interested until I got to the price. Way too much

      27 days ago
  • That is brilliant.

    Gotta love those people for setting up a project like this!

      1 month ago