Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Ford is one of the few US automakers that is beloved not only in its home country but also abroad.

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The UK is one of the most important Ford markets in Europe. This is one of the reasons why British needs are so important to Ford. If not them, today we could hardly enjoy the hooligan era of sporty Ford cars that lasted for nearly 10 years.

Took over the relay

The Ford Sierra Cosworth has become a real phenomenon in the aftermath of the previous encounter between Ford and Cosworth. An extremely attractive but swift car was loved not only by private motorsport teams but also by unscrupulous jerks.

At least in the UK, the different versions of Sierra Cosworth have been a favourite among pilferers and scatterbrains who planned to go to their girlfriends on Friday night with a car that doesn’t belong to them.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth © Ford

Ford Escort RS Cosworth © Ford

So when the time came to build an alternative to Sierra Cosworth, Escort RS Cosworth, Ford engineers could have done it more wisely and realize their fantasies somewhere else. Unfortunately.

Ford specialists constructed the new beast while thinking of modification-friendly engine and suitable transmission for it. It was around these two components that the most desirable version of the Escort was designed.

According to the original plan, the Escort RS Cosworth was to be driven only by the front wheels. But, in order to fully exploit the potential of the four-cylinder engine, Ford made a decision to use a four-wheel-drive system that distributed the engine power between front and rear in 34:66 ratio.

Like the knucklehead Sierra Cosworth, its replacement the Escort RS Cosworth outperformed the more serious toys with its dynamic features: Audi Quattro, BMW M3, Nissan 300ZX and Toyota Supra - all these amazing cars remained in the rearview mirror of the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. However, it was not the most fun feature of this wheel.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth © Ford

Ford Escort RS Cosworth © Ford

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