Ford F-150 Might Be Getting A Multifunction Tailgate Soon

The F-150 has lacked one important feature for the last few years, this may change soon.

1y ago

The F-150 still holds its position as the best-selling pickup truck, but it's lacking one buyer enticing feature that has been popping up a great deal of popular trucks recently: A multifunction tailgate. GMC and Ram have it and soon, Chevrolet will have it (You can read about it here).

Key Points

1. Ford has been spied working on what looks to be a multifunction tailgate.

2. They are in the early stage, not sure what functions will be included.

3. The new F-150 has some tailgate upgrades, but no multifunction configuration.

This Isn't A Wild Guess

Motor 1 spied Ford working on what looked like a multifunction tailgate, saying it "...features an 80:20 split that opens on the passenger side." They also noticed that there was a GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 in the area of the test vehicle, showing that they may be trying to base it heavily on existing technology.


Ford hasn't confirmed anything as of yet, but I'm 99.7% sure it will come in the near future. It is likely that GMC and Ram have stolen some F-150 sales simply due to their high tech tailgates. Ford didn't ignore the tailgate when designing the all-new F-150, they geared it up for working with pencil clips, work surfaces, tie-downs, a power outlet, and more. I would expect Ford's high tech tailgate to be similar to the existing ones, I believe they just want to put it up for sale as soon as possible. With that said, however, it will probably be seen in 2023/2024 F-150's with a design refresh, just like the Chevrolet Silverado.

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Comments (8)

  • Shame Ford isn't working on putting the steering wheel on the correct side

      1 year ago
  • Ford had a multi- function tailgate in the seventies so I think that makes them first and the others to the copiers. I had a 72 Ford utility F-150 and it's tailgate had a spot for a vise or a plumber's clamp to grip onto it and a shelf that hang below there on it the set your saw and other tools on. When you're done you pull all the stuff off the tailgate, toss them into the bed and push up the tailgate.

      1 year ago
  • Come on Ford. Really?

      1 year ago
  • USB and power outlets and a working bench can do the trick

      1 year ago