Ford F-series Super Duty trucks recalled because their front wheels might fall off

A handful of Super Duty F-Series trucks are at risk of losing their front wheels, according to Ford's latest recall.

6w ago

Ford has issued a recall for select 2021 F-Series Super Duty trucks, though this one is rather on the significant side of recalls.

Select 2021 F-Series Super Duty Trucks with dual rear wheels that are affected with the problem are equipped with faulty front-wheel hub extenders.

These faulty front-wheel hub extenders weren't properly tightened, which could lead to the tire and overall wheel assembly to detach from the front axle. In other words, the front wheels of these Super Duty trucks could fall off at any point.

However, the recall is on the smaller side of things, with an odd 17,616 vehicles in the United States and federal territories being affected. An additional 1,779 area affected in Canada, and 231 are also affected in Mexico.

There are no known accidents or injuries resulting in this recall. Owners started receiving notifications of this recall this week. You can check to see if your truck is affected by using the reference number for this recall, 21S26.

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