Ford, Fiat and Nissan all fall victim to ad banning for dangerous driving

46w ago


The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have recently been flexing their ad banning powers and the most recent victims have all been accused of promoting dangerous driving in some way or another.

Ford: Do not go gentle into that good night

The advert itself is very cleverly done. It is aimed at the every day worker focussing on a few individuals; and their frustrations. One man is in a boring meeting, another accidentally spills coffee all over his paperwork and another is having a full on tantrum with a photocopier.

While this is going on every now and then we see a flash of a bright orange Ford Mustang, standing out from all the other cars, all being narrated with a moody thought provoking poem called ‘Rage’.

Here’s the advert:

This advert received 11 complaints and after a review it was banned by the ASA. According to them the ad showed driving as a way of releasing anger and encouraged road rage.

In their response Ford said that the advert was to the new Mustang as an antidote to a dull life. They explained that although the word ‘rage’ was used, there was no actual footage of road rage and the term was used convey passion and enthusiasm rather that anger or aggression. Nevertheless the advert was banned.

Nissan: When you have the right technology, you’ll always find a way

In this advert we see a man and women’s driving to the airport in their lovely Nissan Micra. The female passenger checks her watch as the gentleman driver speeds up, so straight away it’s like they are in a hurry.

Squeezing through tights spaces and coming to a sharp hault as a pedestrian steps out in front of the car, are all there to showcase different technologies in the new car such as emergency brake assist.

Here’s the advert:


This advert was banned by the ASA because it supposedly depicts driving at excessive speeds and because that imply that the driver sped up because they were in a hurry.

In Nissans response they argued that the advert was choreographed to showcase the new Micras safety and emergency features. Also they explained that the driver was driving within the applicable speed limits at all times, to which the ASA said there was no such proof of this.

Fiat: The Hot Wheels ad

In this advert we see two Fiat 500X cars driving together on a track. Really, it’s as simple as that. There’s no talking, some funky background music and every now and then some writing about the cars.

Have a look:

This was also banned by the ASA. They said that the main message of the advert was speed and that’s it. The Watchdog went on to explain that the ad encouraged unsafe and irresponsible driving by portraying cars that were racing.

Fiat also argued this decision saying that the advert was designed to emulate the Hot Wheels children’s car game and that the ad was fantastical in nature. The ASA disagreed with this however, responding to the claims and stating that the link to Hot Wheels would not have been picked up by most viewers.

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