Ford Focus RS Owners Are Reporting Wide Spread Head Gasket Failures

1y ago


Imagine paying over MSRP for a Ford Focus RS, keeping it stock to preserve the factory warranty, and watching as the car blows its head gasket. This sad tale is becoming the norm for many Focus RS owners who have taken to Forums and Reddit to share their experience.


The Ford Focus RS is the most anticipated hot hatch of the decade. It promised more power, better handling, and more features than any hot hatch before it. This low volume super hatch was a tough car to buy new, thanks to limited availability coupled with the appetites of greedy dealerships.

Owners were looking forward to testing out the different driving modes like sport mode that causes exhaust crackles, or drift mode for obvious reasons. But many owners are claiming Ford may have snuck another mode into the Focus RS, head gasket failure mode.

As the Focus RS encounters the normal wear and tear of daily driving, a common problem is quickly emerging. In the 112 page forum post cited in the linked Reddit post, Focus RS owners are reporting wide spread head gasket failures.

This is not an isolated incident as hundred of Focus RS owners have taken to the forums to band together. Their thread focusing on the head gasket failures contains a list of the users, their issues, and the resolutions with Ford.

Below is a quick sampling:

This movement of tracking the head gasket issue has also moved to German Focus RS forums where the issue is growing. AS of right now the forum has tracked down forty cars effected by a failed head gasket.


Many owners are reporting misfiring under load, a smell of coolant in the exhaust, and check engine lights. The Focus RS owner Reddit user KentuckysGentlemen reported his car had a rough idle, low coolant levels, a check engine light, and misfires.

He took his beloved Focus RS to the dealership where it sat for over 10 days before being diagnosed. He was driving around a Fiat X1/9, because he's a hero, in place of the hot hatch he loves.

As of right now there is no fix directly from Ford leaving the decisions up to the dealerships working on the cars. This issue looks like it could be a wide spread mechanical flaw in the Focus RS. If you've experienced this issue we encourage you to reach out to fellow Focus RS owners to work on getting this fixed.

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