Ford GT shatters standing mile world record

2y ago


High performance tuning firm, M2K Motorsports, has built a Ford GT capable of running a standing mile and reaching a top speed of 293.6mph (472.5km/h), more than 10mph faster than the previous record holder.

Image credit: M2K Motorsports - Facebook

"What a weekend here at the @thetexasmile!! We re-set the mustang record for the standing mile and half mile with the @airtechofhouston GT500. We also now have the title of the Worlds Fastest standing mile car with the Ford GT. We cannot say enough about the new facility and all the people involved that got this event moved to Victoria it was awesome to say the least. We also would like to thank all the Texas Mile staff,safety crews and volunteers for all there hard work putting this event on. It is truly awesome!!!!"

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