Ford has pulled a Porsche with the Bronco

N​ot exactly acceleration times

5w ago

Of all carmakers, Porsche enjoys a reputation for constantly underquoting performance figures of its cars. Probably to gain better marketability or to surprise its customers. More recently, American carmaker Ford has followed suit.

The revival of the Bronco nameplate couldn’t have received a bigger opening. With bookings securing production run for the entire year already, Ford is even looking to open up bronco-specific showrooms as well. But that’s not where Ford has underquoted.

According to a technical sheet found by the Bronco 6G Forum, the Bronco engines are supposedly more powerful than Ford had us believed. The Bronco brochure puts two engine options on offer - a 270hp 2.3-litre 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 420Nm torques and a 310hp 2.7-litre V6 EcoBoost engine with 542Nm torques.

However, the recently discovered tech sheet claims the output for the former is 300hp with 440Nm torques, while the V6 engine is touted to possess 330hp and 562Nm torques. That undercuts the original figure by approximately 20hp, which is decent. Though, the sheet further claims these updated figures to materialise when utilising premium fuel. Usage of regular fuel would reduce those figures to the ones mentioned in the brochure.

No particular reason for understating the numbers was mentioned. Though, it could very well be Ford trying to tread the Porsche path as the firm is exhibiting an extra emphasis on Bronco customers. Marketing could be one of the reasons behind this exercise. Besides, who doesn’t like to find out they got more than what they paid for!

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Comments (16)

  • So wait it makes exactly the quoted power using regular fuel that most will use. Then a bit more with a higher octane fuel that most cars if they have an ECU that understands it has a higher octane fuel would also do that.

    This is completely different to where say BMW quote an M car to make x bhp at the engine for people to dyno it and find it makes those kind of figures to the wheels. That can be a 60 - 100 hp difference and it’s using the same fuel type they recommend you use.

    This is an utter none story.

      1 month ago
  • They're doin what Japan did in the 90's; manufacturers told everyone their car made less hp

      1 month ago
    • The 276 gentlemen's agreement is different than this. What is going on here is the same thing that Mazda does with their turbo-4. The ECU has different tunes in it for different fuel grades, so if Ford is going to advertise their 310hp V6 on...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • oh k

        1 month ago
  • Now let's see the impossible and let them do the same thing with their milage figures. I'm not positive but has any automaker ever come close to what's posted on the window?

      1 month ago
    • Every (non-FCA brands) car I've owned has met or exceeded it in stock form if I drove conservatively. Once I start making changes that goes out the window...

        1 month ago
    • I am truly glad I'm sitting down while reading your response. I've never come close to the numbers they claim. Maybe it's just the way I live and am being punished for all the shenanigans I've done 😎

        1 month ago
  • In Australia, this was the market practice for Ford with their high end Falcons for years.

    Holden on the other hand would lay claim to all sorts of figures, which were never backed up.

    Every time an FPV went on a dyno, it pushed out more power and more torques than the advertised figures.

    The HSV Commodores on the other hand generally underperformed on the Dyno when compared to their advertised figures.

      1 month ago
  • I know often times manufacturers will understate power numbers to make them easier and cheaper to insure. As enthusiests we should keep our mouths shut and enjoy.😄

      1 month ago