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Ford India releases a creative ad campaign

4d ago


Ford India, a company that has been present in India since 1998 (1950s if you count the Jeep CJ years) has forever been associated with expensive maintenance. It is a major factor that causes prospective customers to deflect towards other cars. To kill this rumour, Ford – who have made several great ads like the ‘Bigger person’ ad for Endeavour – released a new campaign casting the Bollywood face Vijay Raaz. In the campaign, some people gossip about Mr. Sharma being something more than just a shopkeeper to buy something as expensive as a Ford, considering its famously costly maintenance. Next it cuts to Mr. Sharma telling the watchers about Ford’s low and transparent service costs that can be accessed by this link.

Watch the #SurprisinglyAffordable advertisement series on their YouTube channel.

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