- The Bronco R Prototype. Pic Credit: Ford

Ford introduce the Bronco R Prototype

We know the new Bronco will come out in spring 2020. To add to that they have teased us with the Bronco R - the Baja 1000 spec Bronco which is race ready. You might be wondering how is this the 'prototype'? Because this car will test the off-roading capabilities, powertrain and architecture of the SUV.

To do this they decked the Bronco R prototype in race livery of Rod Hall's 1969 Baja 1000 victory. Rod Hall's Bronco victory is the only 4X4 to win overall 1st in the Baja 1000 till date. Earlier this year on June 14th, Rod Hall passed away.

The Original 1969 Victory Bronco alongside the Bronco R. Pic Credit: Ford

For the 50th anniversary of this win they enter the prototype Bronco R with the race number 2069 on the rear quarter panel. The '20' marks the class they are racing in and '69' is to honour the year the Bronco came overall first. Along with this this Rod Hall's granddaughter - Shelby Hall, will also drive it for certain portions of this race in honour of her late grandfather.

Shelby Hall with the Bronco R Prototype. Pic Credit: Ford.

The prototype to get race ready is built by Ford Performance in collaboration with Geiser Bros Design and Development, and Baja 1000 Trophy Truck champion Cameron Steele. They have used the Ford T6 architecture which is currently in the Ranger, then they have beefed it up. It features free independent front suspension with 14 inches of travel. Along with this is a production-based five-link rear chassis design with up to 18 inches of travel, plus custom Fox shocks, 17-inch beadlock-capable aluminium wheels and 37-inch BFGoodrich tires.

You can the parts in this picture. Pic Credit: Ford.

...Bronco lettering on the front Grille..

Ford claim that the number of parts to make it race ready are very few, this goes all the way to production engine which has been confirmed as the twin turbo Ecoboost, is fitted into the prototype.

By favourite bit is the front grille with the Bronco lettering on it, the R is in Red, these little details make this car loveable. This is the best look we have of the new Bronco and I like it, simply because they have kept the essential look of the Bronco.

That Bronco lettering with the red R, you got to love details like that.

The only differences between this and production version I can think of is the production version will travel at a lower hight or same height but might not be as wide as this, for racing the fenders are a bit more flared than regular cars. And it will have a way more comfortable interior. If that is the case - This will be a brilliant car.

What do you think?

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Comments (7)
  • Forget the production version. Just sell us that version!!

    17 days ago
    6 Bumps
  • I love how they are able to reveal one that is a soup road off-roader that goes to the extreme before they reveal the production variation! 😆

    17 days ago
    3 Bumps
    • Well McLaren does something similar they will release the biggest baddest version for the roads and then the baby Mclarens

      17 days ago


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