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Ford is already considering a Maverick Lightning

Other versions are also expected to come

4d ago

Barely launched, the Ford Maverick could already receive other versions in the near future. This was announced by the CEO of the American brand Jim Farley. For the moment, the Maverick only offers one body and two engines. Ford has chosen to diversify the range of accessories for the vehicle to satisfy customers.

For the moment, this is the opposite of the strategy adopted by the big brother F-150, which is multiplying the number of versions. Farley is already suggesting that an electric version could soon be added to the Maverick range, which would allow Ford to offer an even more accessible electric pickup truck.

It's easy to see why Ford has refused to import the Maverick into Europe, as it could interfere dangerously with the upcoming electric Ranger. Another interesting piece of information is that the Maverick's entry-level price of $19,995 could be further reduced with the arrival of a single-cab version.

The vehicle could then feature a bed with two different sizes. A sporty Raptor variant, however, is highly unlikely since the Maverick's primary goal is a particularly low entry price. A sportier Ranger Tremor-like version is instead more plausible.

Photo credits Ford

Photo credits Ford

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Comments (7)

  • This is ruining the lightning name

      4 days ago
    • no surprise as they’ve already done that with the mustang mach e

        4 days ago
  • They should consider building a compact sports car- properly.

      4 days ago
  • I was exited than I realized Lightning now stands for something totally different...

      4 days ago
  • Just another addition to confuse the buyers imo

      4 days ago