Ford Maverick Owners Will Be Able To 3D Print Their Own Accessories?

A Gimmick, Or An Actual Good Idea?

7w ago

The new Ford Maverick has taken America by storm with its amazing features as well as it's amazing price point, starting at $20,000. There is one feature though, that very much stands out from the others. Ford is using FITS, Ford Integrated Tether System, to allow owners of the Maverick to print their own accessories for their vehicle.

Ford is attempting to open-source the FITS slot geometry, allowing owners to design and print their own attachments that go beyond what Ford supplies. Cupholders, a storage or trash bin, a cord organizer, a double hook to hang bags, and under-seat storage dividers are currently included in the accessories package, with many more delights in development at Ford.

There's no doubt that owners will come up with innovative ways to use the FITS, and Ford, as well as a lot of people, are excited to see what they come up with. There's also a chance that the system may foster a thriving online community of innovators who will share their ideas and designs for different accessories.

It also allows owners more control over how they use their cars, which is always a good thing. Ford could have simply kept the slot geometry of the FITS a secret and marketed its own accessories instead. I personally, am very happy that they did not do that.

Since the Maverick is going on sale this fall, there isn't long to wait to see whether FITS really is a good idea. That's this articles' main question. Is FITS a good idea, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Please answer it in the comments. Thanks for reading and please consider hitting the bump button if my article was good. Since this is my first article in a while, I would also appreciate feedback in the comments.

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Comments (3)

  • Can you get it with just 2 doors? I’m tired of four door trucks- just give me a single cab

      1 month ago
  • You could 3d print any accessory you wanted yourself, probably tons cheaper than what Ford will charge

      1 month ago
    • Not so sure about that. To print anything substantial, you would need to buy a very large printer, which would set you back thousands of dollars. Then you would need to get a filament that is tough, and could stand up to ware and tear. Filament...

      Read more
        1 month ago