Ford Mondeo MK3 | An Enthusiast's Luxury Cruiser?

Short History:

The Ford Mondeo is a large family sedan that has been on sale since 1993. Ford brought it to India in 2000 that was some years after their entrance in the country. It was the third generation that they decided to bring in the first and unfortunately, the last as it was discontinued in 2007, with the fourth generation never being able to enter the market.

Current Scenario:

Much like many other cars that entered the Indian market, Mondeo could prove to be nothing but a mere passing cloud as it is a mostly forgotten car in 2019. It was sold only for 7 years and in those years, it could manage to sell only a few thousand units. It was mostly because Mondeo was an import and thus extremely expensive for what it offered. Even though it was meant to watch the territory below that of luxury sedans like C-Class, A4 and 3-Series, it entered their territory. Toyota Camry and Honda Accord were also costly but not as much as Mondeo, plus their brands were more reputed than Ford. Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat were also costly but assembled in India and had better images as expensive car brands where Ford did not. Another reason for the fail was that the after sales service was extremely costly.

Due to all of these reasons, Ford Mondeo was not a hot seller at the time but after 12 years of its discontinuation, it might be good as a bargain. Before I move to the reasons to buy it, I will elaborate its available variants in brief in context to performance.

• Ford Mondeo Duratec HE is the base trims powered by a 2 litre I4 petrol producing 137 bhp and 192 Nm paired with a 5 speed manual transmission.

• Ford Mondeo Ghia Duratec is the middle trim powered by the same 2 litre I4 petrol but tuned to produce 143 bhp and 190 Nm. It is also paired with the same 5 speed manual transmission.

• Ford Mondeo Duratorq DI is the top trim powered by a turbocharged 2 litre I4 diesel producing 114 bhp and 280 Nm that can be tuned to achieve a respectable 145 bhp and 340 Nm. It is also paired with the same 5 speed manual transmission.


Price: Much like other old sedans, you can get your hands on a Ford Mondeo MK3 from around ₹75,000-₹3,00,000. However, keep in mind that it is a really forgotten car and thus your odds on finding spares at a good price are very low- lower than of cars like Skoda Superb. Even though you can buy one for a low price, maintaining one is a difficult task.

Practicality: Being a costly car, it got high quality parts and with its length of around 4.7 metres, it is just a bit shorter than the sedans like Skoda Superb and a bit longer than E-Class of the time. The rear seats are quite comfortable and arguably the redeeming quality about the car. The features you get are of course, not on par with newer cars but still very advanced for the time. So you would not have a hard time with its features if you are like me and do not care about the features that much, requiring only basic stuff.

Performance: This is the highlight of this car. Just ask anyone who has driven a Mondeo about how they feel about the dynamics and they will tell you how good it is. In comparison to Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb, Mondeo is much more fun to drive with its high revving petrol engines and somewhat sporty feel. The feel cannot be as raw as the Japanese Honda Accord and Toyota Camry but still good enough. The diesel Mondeo is also nothing short of a joy with the super high torque figure that can be expanded even more with remaps.


This car is not the one you would go around the country searching for but still deserves more attention. It has considerable performance and good enough to have a joyride on the highway. The cost for buying one can be very cheap but know that maintenance will be an issue. The practicality is a pro and the subtle elegant Ford styling is just brilliant to me.


Highway Performance : 4

Cornering Performance : 4

Ride Quality : 7

Parts Quality and Reliability : 5

Practicality : 8

Features : 4

Aesthetics : 4

Modification Potential : 2

Value For Money Factor :

Average : 5.22/10.00

Best Score Yet: 6.67/10 (Škoda Superb VR6 B6)

What score will you give to the Ford Mondeo MK3 a good highway cruiser and hauler?

i rate it 3 out of 5.


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