Ford Mustangs are randomly spinning out of control on US highways

Too much power?

3w ago

Muscle cars from America are known to be great straight-line runners but struggle on corners. And if past stories and instances arenโ€™t enough to convince you, this recent camera footage from a modern, electric-propelled Tesla should be compelling enough.

While attempting a swerve through busy traffic on the highways of Dallas, Texas, a Ford Mustang finds himself/herself unable to regain control of the muscle car as it ultimately crashes into the highway wall on the far right.

This entire episode was caught on the front camera of a Tesla Model 3, which was later shared on the Teslacam Supercharged channel on Youtube. On viewing the footage again, one can observe how the Mustang narrowly avoided a massive pile-up, had it obstructed or hit any one of the two trucks that were running about a car length behind it, on the subsequent right lanes.

One can say even the Mustang driver escaped from getting squashed under either of those trucks, courtesy of the muscle carโ€™s excessive speed. On the one hand, the muscle carโ€™s heightened acceleration caused the vehicle to lose control, and on the other, this excessive momentum helped the car steer clear from oncoming traffic and hit the highway wall on the far right end of the road.

No reports on the Mustang driver's condition surfaced, but one can be certain about him/her being shaken post an incident such as that. Obviously, that Mustang will need repairs, especially in the rear right quarters of the car. And hopefully, the damages sustained wonโ€™t be a pocket-emptying experience. But one thing remains certain, going forward, the driver would avoid swerving his/her muscle car anywhere except a racetrack.

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Comments (19)

  • Likely overcorrection by driver after swerving...

      26 days ago
  • Just an unlucky incident, being hyped by the Tesla echo chambers

      26 days ago
  • It's a mustang, what did you expect?

      26 days ago
  • That's just bad driving. No matter how bad are some muscle cars at cornering, it's still not the car's fault here. Too much throttle input, overcorrection with the foot flat to the floor and then the natural thing happened. But hey, Tesla fan-boys are having a gag with anything, as long as it's not a Tesla. Except for that guy who's roof flew off his Tesla on the highway. He's not a fan-boy anymore.

      24 days ago
  • The Tesla crashed just after this footage ๐Ÿ˜‚

      22 days ago