Ford of the Flies

(In the style of T.S. Eliot)

You sit with your broken teeth and broken nose, staring mutely with foggy eyes.
Knowing not what you’ve done.
For now I am one.
Conveyance to the haunts of the lost ecnalubma fare,
Through weeds and muddy ditches,
From whence he veered off into that good night.
Like Lenore,
Now I want to take a hammer to you.
Get thee out of my sight.

#Ford #F-150 #poetry #pos
Photo by Anne M. Buchwald

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Comments (2)

  • Beautiful. It's amazing how a hunk of metal, glass & gas can trigger emotions. A reminder more bitter than sweet.

      3 years ago
  • Nice! I noticed some Clarkson in there 🤔

      3 years ago