Ford Once Kicked Around The Idea of a V10 Mustang

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The Ford Mustang is many things to many different people. To some it is the original pony car, a car that brought a high performance engine at a price the masses could afford. To others it is a car driven by idiots leaving a Cars & Coffee. To still others it is a Sweet Sixteen present to their daughter. Most people will agree that the only way a Mustang should come is with eight cylinders arranged in a "V" formation. Thundering American muscle providing propulsion down the quarter mile or even a road course depending on your mood. In Most cases you can take your non-V8 Mustang and toss them aside because they (to some) are offensive to the Mustang badge. I say most because several years back Ford contimplated stuffing a non-V8 motor in a Mustang that would make most, if not all purists happy campers. Why? Because it was an all aluminum V10 and who doesn't love a V10?

In the below clip you will see a "mule car" thundering around the track with what was Ford's fancy new toy at the time, the aforementioned V10. Ford was putting the engine through its paces in the hopes of dropping it into a special Mustang or even the first attempt to revive the "GT" sportscar moniker.

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