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Ford Performance will offer an electric crate motor

It'll be revaled at SEMA in November and is intended to compete against Chevy's eCrate motor

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As the world moves towards electrification, EV swaps are going to become more and more common. It could especially take off in the restomod market, where people will want to swap out excessively thirsty or asthmatic internal combustion engines in favour of a better performing zero-emissions alternative. Chevrolet has already got in on the electric crate motor action with the eCrate and it looks like Ford will be offering a competitor to that to the public very soon!

Ford Performance release the initial design renderings for its new electric crate motor on August 19th. Called the Eluminator (a play on the Aluminator name given to some of Ford's aluminium V8 crate engines), it's set to be fully revealed at SEMA in November. According to information found out by Autoblog, the motor is sourced from the Mach E GT and makes 281 hp (210 kW) and 317 lb-ft (429 Nm) of torque. Whilst that's not an earth-shattering amount of performance, it should be plenty to make a decently fun EV swap!

According to Ford Performance's own website (something which IMSA mechanic and general car parts guru Bozi Tatarevic found out), the motor will cost $3,900. Whilst that seems like a bargain compared to the price of a crate Coyote motor ($9,500) or a crate Godzilla motor ($7,000), you don't get a whole lot of accessories with the Eluminator once you buy the motor. Whilst you do get the low and high-voltage wiring harnesses and a vent tube along with the motor, you don't get a controller, charger or battery pack. That's something that Ford will likely introduce closer to the Eluminator's launch as supporting parts to help build a full EV conversion. All of those extra parts will definitely bring the total cost of buying a full conversion kit up considerably.

Whilst quite a few details are still scant, it's very exciting that Ford Performance is going to offer a crate solution for EV conversions like this. It could be a really good competitor to Chevy's eCrate, as well as any other electric crate motor packages such as the one offered by Electric GT. With more and more crate motor-based solutions to EV swaps, it looks like we could be seeing a whole host of weird and wonderful EV conversions powered by the Chevy eCrate, the Eluminator or Electric GT's crate motor pop up over the next few years!

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