The Lincoln Continental is not long for the world. Not only is the Continental not even moving 1,000 units a month, it is getting outsold by the MKC, Nautilus, and the Navigator.

This is a massive letdown because I personally love the Continental and all of its old-fashioned luxury, but there's no room in Lincoln's lineup for a slow seller. Even the ancient MKZ is outselling the Continental by two to one. The Continental will continue to be sold until late 2021, when the factory will be retooled to produce two mid-size EV crossovers for both Ford and Lincoln.

These new models will be EV alternatives to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. There is a lot of speculation about whether or not the Ford EV will be the Mach E, but I'm more focused on the Lincoln, because this could be a huge leap forward for the brand.

Sure the Mach E will be sporty and exciting no doubt, but it will probably be too expensive to make that big of a wave in the markets that Ford competes in. Lincoln on the other hand can command a higher price because their current lineup is more than capable of being talked about in the same room as Cadillac, Lexus, and the Germans like Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

As FCA continues to stuff Hellcat engines into outdated SUVs and GM is hellbent on making sporty and confusing nameplate revivals, Lincoln has very slowly become the pure luxury vehicle of choice. Lincoln isn't necessarily looking to outperform the Germans and Japanese at ten tenths, but are focused on the experience after you set the cruise control.

Suddenly, the idea of a mid-size Lincoln EV sounds really appealing. Especially for those who aren't drawn to the Tesla Model X's sort of lifted jelly bean styling, or the Jaguar I-Pace's low-slung stance. Lincoln could beat Cadillac to the punch again, and if this EV is any good, it could take a solid chunk of sales too.

The Takeaway

I'm going to hold final judgment until I see both vehicles in the metal, but this is a huge move for Ford, and with their partnerships with Rivian and VW, I think we're in for a big push of electric vehicles from the Blue Oval. I don't think the Model E is going to be the success story of this pair of mid-size EVs, I think that Lincoln could have another fantastic model on their hands, it's just a shame that the Continental is going to get the axe for this to happen.

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