Ford RS200 Pikes Peak - Over 1000Hp of Group B Madness

Remembering the almighty Mach 2 Racing tuned RS200 Evolution and its greatest run ever at Pikes Peak

This is one of our All Time favourite Monsters so it is only fitting to make a special compilation, showing the greatest moment of the 1000Hp+ Group B Monster, at the 2013 Edition of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Owned by Alan Greenwood, prepared by Mach 2 Racing and MDVSE and driven by Rallycross expert Mark Rennison, this 2.4L Turbocharged BDT-E Beast was capable of posting a 9 minutes and 46 seconds chrono on the Legendary Mountain, beating this way the Iconic 10 minute mark and showing how capable a chassis from the craziest era of the 80´s still is.

The product of Mr. Greenwood´s passion and relentless development through the years since the gravel and mixed surface days of Pikes Peak, this Monster was through the years driven by another greats like Stig Blomqvist, and among different versions and states of tune it was on 2013 that it finally conquered its goals. But so you could ge an idea on how wildly modified this machine was from year to year, let´s see how it looked on 2012..

Unfortunately, Mr. Greenwood is no longer among us and this beast is retired from racing duties since 2014. Currently sitting on MDVSE´s garage, we hope someday we´ll be able to see this Monster in action once again...

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