Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

    Idle issues and more boost

    3y ago


    Mark Oldfield brought his Sierra Cosworth in to us after a rebuild. Some dyno time was required to solve an idle issue and also to bring the boost up to a more powerful but safe level. As long as its safe for the engine we generally start off on a lower pressure and work our way up in increments until the customer is happy with the power the car is producing. The car finished at 425BHP which is more than enough to push this RWD Cossie along nicely.

    Brief Spec:

    Wiseco oversized pistons
    Faradon H section rods
    ACL race bearings
    4x4 head
    BD14 inlet cam
    WRC headgasket
    CR T4 Hybrid Turbo
    044 fuel pump
    Siemens 83lb injectors
    I8 ECU
    RS500 intercooler

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