Ford takes direct shot at Tesla with new electric vehicle charging network

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Tesla is the king of EVs right now. We all know it, there's really no arguing with that. Everything written about Tesla seems to blow up and get tons of eyeballs while news about other EVs, and companies pushing a new EV focus, seems to get moderate amounts even though it's often largely similar news. Why is that?

Tesla is a massively polarizing brand for many reasons including CEO Elon Musk himself all the way down through to the reports surrounding bad work conditions at Tesla factories. But they were really the first to make EVs mass-produced AND culturally accepted. The Nissan leaf did this to an extent, but not with the same cultural impact that Tesla has. Because of this, there's virtually no bit of Tesla news anyone doesn't want to read. But let me be one of the first to say that there are MANY companies out there putting a large focus on the EV landscape that SHOULD be getting attention. And, surprisingly, Ford is wedging itself into the forefront of that conversation.

I say surprisingly because up until now, Ford really hasn't been pushing their EV development. But as we've noted recently, Ford's big time EV push should pay off in the long run. And why mention Tesla? Because Ford's latest announcement is a direct shot at Musk's company with similar technology and a very bold claim – but one that actually doesn't seem far fetched at all.

The above and below images are directly from Ford's PR department and they show us the brand new Ford EV charging network and all of its features. The press release explains:

"Ford is offering its all-electric vehicle customers North America’s largest electric vehicle public charging network, with more than 12,000 places to charge, including fast charging, and more than 35,000 charge plugs – more than any other automotive manufacturer, addressing a big concern for those switching to all-electric cars.

"New Ford all-electric vehicles, including the Mustang-inspired SUV arriving next year, will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger that can charge regardless of outlet power (120- and 240-volt outlets); for those with longer commutes or who want greater peace of mind, a Ford Connected Charge Station can fully power a vehicle overnight while they sleep. Ford is collaborating with Amazon in the U.S. for all your installation services – from 240V outlets to the Ford Connected Charge Station."

So as you can see, this is a direct shot at Tesla's home charger as well as their Super Charger network. Ford has a much larger money pot to dip into while Tesla is still a smaller company in its infancy. The thought of Ford becoming the EV charger and infrastructure leader seems like a win for them given the current shift to EVs in the industry.

The mobile app, called FordPass, looks to be very helpful in locating chargers, paying for charging, and also viewing vehicle status. All in all it looks to be a full-scale, well structured offering.

The question remains, can this model and Ford as a whole supplant Tesla as the EV leader? Time will tell, but with this announcement Ford is well on its way.

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  • You're starting with a non-fact. Tesla is not the EV leader. It can't outsell the Nissan leaf, nor can it paint a vehicle properly.

    Tesla can generate a lot of headlines, but column inches do not make a market leader

    28 days ago
    8 Bumps
    • Ha ha ha! Nissan has definitely sold more Leafs world wide in eight years than Tesla has sold Model Threes in two years. How are they doing now? Nissan sold almost 90,000 Leafs in 2018...

      Read more
      28 days ago
      5 Bumps
    • The Tesla Model 3 was the world's best selling plug-in electric car in 2018. In January 2019, with 148,046 units sold since inception in the American market, the Model 3 overtook...

      Read more
      28 days ago
      7 Bumps
  • Elon Musk is accomplishing his goal, which was to inspire the rest of the auto industry to follow suit. They're now doing that.

    28 days ago
    5 Bumps


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