ford taunusarus rex!

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It almost feels like there is no "rare" car anymore. We are getting used to all kinds of crazy builds. Still, we had some problems with keeping our jaws in level position when this showed up. It looks absolutely insane, and it's not lying. It is insane. Gøran Spartveit from Norway made his own track car from an old Ford, and while you can still tell it's a Ford- it's really not anymore.

There is so much customization done to this car, that our brains almost couldn't keep up. Look at the widened fenders. They are made out of oil barrels.

The car is made exclusively to have fun around the track. It runs a Toyota Supra engine with 630 whp and 830 wNm, a BMW diesel gearbox, and BMW M3 rear suspension and driveshafts.

The Ford is more or less a tube frame car, and practically a fullblown racecar. Interior is stripped with only the essentials.

★ Ford Taunus Engine: 2JZ-GTE.  Output: 630wph/860nm.  Enginespec:  Cams • Precision 6266 turbo  • Precision 46mm wastegate • 3” exhaust • Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors • Nuke fuelrail • 3” trykkrør • Aeromotive fuel-pressure regulator• 30 raders oilcooler• Vipec V88 • Aeromotive Elimenator • Gates cambelt • 4” • JR airfilter• AN8 fuellines/ pipes• Mocal filter relocator• S14 Alu. Radiator • Big Alu intercooler. Wheels: E60 M5.  Brakes: K-sport 330mm 8-pot front• M3 3.2 rear.  Suspension: K-sport drift coilovers  • Wisefab • e36 M3 3.2 rear.  Drivetrain: 530D gearbox • ABC 2-plata Tilton-clutch with adapterplate/flywheel• Custom propshaft from Powertrain.  Tires: 235/40-18.  Interior: AIM racedash • Sparco Pro 2000 seats• Sparco belts • TRX • Hydraulisk handbrake • Wilwood pedalbox.  Exterior: Widened in steel from oilbarrels.   Thanx to:  «Gamlingen» • Mammå • Bjarne Kompisene: Kristian, Jan Einar, Kenneth (glennå) • Voll Motor • Tørresdal Lakkering • Finnvik Bil • Dyno Performance • Fittings of Norway

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