Ford to begin big EV push in 2020, insisting "we're coming in at the right time"

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Ford has been pretty ho-hum in the EV market up to now. With lackluster options like the Focus Electric and C-Max Hybrid, it's safe to say Ford wasn't necessarily giving it their all in that emerging sector.

Well, that's about to change. According to Tim Cannis, Ford's global director of electrification, they are "coming in at the right time." Ford's strategy is to electrify vehicles without changing their nameplates. So my dreams of getting a proper remake of the Ford Thunderbird aren't as far out as I originally thought (get it, thunder? Electricity? It's fine, I know you laughed).

This strategy will see vehicles like the Escape, Explorer, and Edge become EVs, probably starting with mid-cycle refreshes, if not, the next generation of models. Ford also plans on making electric vans and trucks, which is a tall order considering the amount of time some of these vehicles spend on the road, but Ford was quick to highlight their electric F-150's prototype performance essentially dispelling any idea that Ford is halfheartedly moving into the EV market.

This is all well and good, but this is also the maker of incredible vehicles like the Raptor, Focus RS, Mustang and the GT, so what's going to happen with them? Well, Ford is apparently preparing EV versions of some of its performance vehicles, like the Mach E, and the always elusive electric Mustang. While Ford is confident in their abilities to turn the F-150 into an EV, I'm even more curious about how they're going to make sure that the Raptor version is still, well... a Raptor.

Ford thinks that this strategy will work, and honestly, I can't find fault in it. I've lived through three generations of Chevrolet compact sedans, and honestly I don't think any of them had any sort of incredible features worth remembering. Maybe that's the case with Ford too, in the sense that the Explorer gets recalled every couple of years and hasn't been the most reliable vehicle in the past. But I would feel more confident in an Explorer EV then I would in something that's brand new, with a new nameplate on the trunk.

In short, Ford EVs are coming, in all shapes and sizes, and the big push starts next year. Ford plans on having six EV's in North America by 2022. Considering the Bronco is coming out soon, and Ford's mid-size EV crossovers aren't expected to land until 2023.

We are in for quite the ride during the auto show seasons. Ford currently has five crossovers, two trucks, and one performance coupe/convertible, so it's safe to say that nothing in Ford's lineup is safe from being electrified, and Ford is more than ready to shock the world.

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  • The problem they are going to face, is the same one all of them face. They are taking existing platforms and putting EV guts into them. This might tempt some customers initially... but overall these customers are going to be left feeling rather underwhelmed with the experience. To make an EV properly - if you have to make one at all - is to design it as such from the ground up. A blank slate approach with the emphasis on being as lightweight as possible and maximizing the batteries and lowering that center of gravity. That's not what's happening with EV versions of existing cars. EV's might be the future - but this isn't how you want to get there.

    1 month ago
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    • I agree and car companies just need to stop until they build enough technology to make a good EV for now they need to stop at hybrids. Even though I don’t like hybrids.

      1 month ago
    • Hybrids make me uncomfortable. They are fine when brand new, but from what I've seen... they do not age well. And 6500 dollars for a new bank of batteries that isn't covered under any...

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      1 month ago
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  • With gas so cheap where I live $2.39 per gal. We don’t need EV’s in the US. I use premium fuel which is $3.00 a gallon and with my car a full tank last me 500+ miles. The only place it might be needed is where gas is higher, but then you look at this and say electricity is expensive. My dad has a co worker who has a new Tesla model s and he said that he has spent more money charging it then he did filling up his gas powered car. I just don’t see the point of EV’s

    1 month ago
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    • I made a quick calculation by taking the most expensive electricity you can buy in the US at 31.42 cents/Kwh...

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      1 month ago
    • I forgot to mention that the Tesla has a superior range to the Porsche Panamera, so it goes father and it's less expensive to charge.

      1 month ago