Ford to introduce overhead switches for 2021 Bronco

T​hese switches won't do anything unless you do

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We love Lamborghinis quite obviously because of the insane looks. Though, many love it for its cabin and how it reminds them of a jet-fighter cockpit. However, both Lamborghinis and jet-fighters are devoured of one very minuscule but very desirable equipment - overhead switches. And Ford is the latest carmaker to introduce it on its Bronco off-roader.

The blue oval firm believes customers would like to extensively customise their Broncos with both Ford accessories as well as aftermarket equipment. Hence, to reduce the need for drilling holes in and around the car, the Bronco gets equipped with overhead pre-wired toggle switches.

This batch of six switches will get mounted around the rear-view mirror, allowing customers to install their desired accessories. This pre-equipped switchgear comes with a configurable fuse box and five harness connections, factory-installed, to simplify routing power to aftermarket accessories throughout the vehicle. A terminal connection is present upfront for the bumper light bar. Another one is present on the A-pillar, possibly for the roof-mounted lights. A connection goes to the rear cargo area for powering camping gear, camping lights or even refrigerators. And finally, a wire inside the glovebox for cabin-power requirements such as a dashcam.

Not all Ford Broncos come equipped with these plug-and-play units as standard. Only the higher trim levels such as Black Diamond, Wildtrak, Badlands and First Edition will get this standard. Customers opting for the Base or Outer Banks trims will have to pay a $195 premium to get this installed on their Bronco.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time an off-roader gets pre-wired toggle switches from the factory. Even Jeep with its Wrangler model gets the same but has to make do with four switches. The Bronco, being the more recent model, had to one-up Jeep, which explains the six-switch layout.

The revival of an iconic nameplate such as the Ford Bronco was bound to draw larger crowds. Quite expectedly, Ford reports the off-roader as sold out for the entire year. It managed to gain so much attention that the American carmaker is even on the verge of opening stand-alone Bronco showrooms.

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  • Um... I think u mixed up the Bronco and Bronco Sport in the pics

      1 month ago
  • People already do this. It’s for lights, air horns, winches, etc.

      1 month ago
    • Fords have had this for a while. My dad's F250 has em. Not sure why they made such a big deal about it

        1 month ago
    • 🤷‍♂️

      That’s like Toyota saying “look. We put tires on our cars.”

        1 month ago