Ford Trademarks the Name "Skyline"

It's typical trademark protection, but what can they do with the name?

9w ago

Out of nowhere, Ford filed a trademark for the name "Skyline" in the United States. That was nine days ago, yet even now many people are scratching their heads.

That trademark filing above doesn't seem to mean much at first glance -- as a spokesperosn said to multiple outlets: "Trademark applications are intended to protect new phrases, designs or symbols but aren’t necessarily an indication of new business or product plans." But it's hard not to think of where in the lineup Ford will put the name on.

Turning to the past may help. Ford has used a similar name before, "Skyliner", back in the late 1950s as a designation for the hardtop convertible system that they used. Two versions of the Fairlane, a crestline and a Galaxie were named as such. There was also a luxury Transit van concept back in 2015 that had this name, but that one didn't go past the concept stage.

But for most people, "Skyline" is most associated with Nissan. Specifically, this refers to the sedans and coupes sold in Japan for almost half a century, the most legendary of which carry the GT-R moniker. It still lives on today, as the car Americans call the Infiniti Q50, which only goes to show just how massive the mountain Ford must climb to market whatever shall bear the "Skyline" name and the blue oval.

Some commenters conjecture it to be for trucks, while Reddit reckons it to be best used for Lincoln, Ford's luxury sub-brand, among other funny and indignant reactions. Time will tell if we get anything out of this, though.

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Comments (37)

  • Nissan needs to do something about this because I’d hate to see the Skyline name on an EV SUV or minivan.

      1 month ago
  • The entire English language, and they have to go with an established name like Skyline? That's just petty nonsense. Yes, the Ford Skyliner could loosely be construed as a precursor, but that isn't even the same word. The Japanese version of the Skyline was around consistently since 1957, though it didn't gain it's performance context until 1971 with the Hakosuka GTR. Still, that name has a rich history with the Nissan marque, NOT Ford. If Ford is honestly attempting to say they have more of a claim to the name because of the Skyliner, they're huffing some serious solvents. I'm a Ford guy (trucks, mostly), but I think this is just Ford attempting to be a bully. It doesn't come off well. Even if by some miracle, Ford produced a hyper-performance sports car, that was insanely popular with the public, there would be no escaping the petty origins of the name plate. Find another word, Ford, and behave like an adult should.........keep it up, and you just come off as a douche. I don't care if whatever they put that badge on can do 0-60 in 1 second, has a top speed of 350mph, and can slalom to the point of creating 5 lateral G's....... it'd still be a douchemobile. Personally, I hope the Nissan Thunderbird comes right after this stupidity.

      1 month ago
    • If Nissan doesn't have a trademark on the name, then Ford is free to go and trademark it themselves. Thats how this stuff works.

        1 month ago
    • Irrespective of the legal standard, of which I'm already aware, a douche move is still a douche move. Do you honestly think folks are not going to consider a Ford Skyline a ripoff? There are times being legally right doesn't necessarily mean...

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        1 month ago
  • Looks like Ford is taking a swipe at Nissan. Hell, Nissan’s brand protection kinda sucks. They lost out on and now this.

      1 month ago
    • I missed that one! Wow.

      OK, so Nissan's IP group is too dumb to survive, much like the company.

        1 month ago
  • NO

      1 month ago
  • Ford trademarks the Skyline name...for what? @tribe

      1 month ago