Ford unveils ANOTHER Bronco concept

Oh, for god's sake ANOTHER ONE?


You heard that right. There is another Bronco concept and it's a special one, because this one is called the Overland Concept, and it's a unique concept because it wants to appeal to the kind of individual who likes to go camping in the woods (well, that's about 99% of Ford's customer base gone).

The car is painted in a colour called ‘Area 51’, it has 360-degree lighting and it has a CB radio in case you get attacked by something in the woods while you're out camping. Although, I don't see much use to the radio because here in the UK the only thing we have in the woods are delusional people who like to re-enact medieval battle scenes on weekends.

Adding to that, the Bronco Overland has roof-mounted two-person tent and a boot full of mini-fridges for when the people who buy this car - presumably Americans - feel like they need to shoot a bear while under the influence of Corona beer.

This car is the perfect definition of Americanism: a mass of over-the-top pointlessness that appeals to only one demographic. Just Americans being Americans here.

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Comments (2)

  • I think that they need to just have a standard model and then just some packs instead of all these variants.

      8 months ago