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F​ord v. Ferrari

T​he kind of history lesson we would want more of

36w ago


It’s been a fast week since Ford v. Ferrari came out to the screens - one of the rare films I just had to watch in the opening week. Result? I’m stoked. The film talks about the ultimate grudge match of all time – the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the intense battle of Ford to break the winning streak of Ferrari. Starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, it is a fired-up adventure.

Car guys will know Caroll Shelby, but it’s harder to find those who have heard of Ken Miles. The film gave Miles the spotlight he deserves. While many youngsters will witness this piece of history in the screens, it would be better to know some of the events in the background. To know what was the mindset of Ford in the 1960s, you should read Lee Iacocca’s autobiography. And those who do not know him, he created something we know largely – the Ford Mustang. Apart from that, you must read the book – Go Like Hell by A.J. Baime, a well-versed account of the complete battle.

While there are some links in the film which might be altered for the audience viewing, I surely cherished it. The soundtrack by Marco Beltrami, along with tracks catching the best of good ol’ Americana. Even the details on the Ford Le Mans racers is top notch.

I’ll end with two reasons for why Ford v. Ferrari is so special – it got young enthusiasts to know about a piece of history in speed. When you have automotive vloggers watching it too, you should know that. The second reason - I took my father to watch this film. And he’s the last person I would take to watch a film where the main themes include cars, crashes and 200mph. But if he liked that movie, saying it is a good piece of inspiration, Ford v. Ferrari must have done a lot of things right.

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  • The movie portraits the very best what has gone outside of america's car factories

      8 months ago
    • I agree with you. The film itself couldn't be better. Hope you had a good time watching it

        8 months ago