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Ford Wants Mustang Mach-E To Become Michigan's Next Police Car

Cop tires, cop motor, cop shocks ...cop batteries?

3w ago

Ford's line of modern Police Interceptor vehicles has become staples for local, state and federal law enforcement units in America. Starting from the Ford Crown Victoria, the line has included the Fusion, Explorer and even a hybrid model. Now, it's time for the Mach-E to try out for cop duty.

To that end, Ford is sending the Mustang Mach-E GT, an F-150 truck, and three of the Interceptor Utility models to Michigan for the state's annual Police Evaluation program next year. In particular, the Mach-E is the spearhead of a Pilot Program that Ford hopes can usher in more EVs to police fleets across the world, a campaign that had already started in Britain.

Given the rigors of police work, it's important for any car that will be selected to hold up no matter the circumstances, and in the case of electric cars, it'll be doubly tougher. From operating range to attachments like lights, sirens and PA systems, Ford is risking a lot in putting the Mach-E out there. So part of the plan is a "Police Modifier Bulletin" that should help educate chiefs and procurement officers on what trim to get, breakdowns of key components and even instructions on how to work on them.

The cops of Ann Arbor have gotten ahead, however, and already got two Mach-E cars in December 2020, though the ones they got weren't explicitly designed as cop cars and still needed third-party outfitting. Still, Ford' initiative is only part of a greater EV plan for the future.

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Comments (12)

  • Funnily enough I actually have never seen a cop car fueling up 🤔

      24 days ago
  • It would be difficult to outrun them until they run low on juice. Who would last longer ... a GT350R on full song or the Mach-e fully charged on full tilt?

      24 days ago
  • Cops in Michigan: Our jobs absolutely suck, how can it get worse.

    Ford: Allow us to introduce your new car.

      24 days ago
    • The Explorer had a 400hp twin turbo V6 and AWD, the e has a hairdryer, police like something they can depend on and that's a traditional ICE

        23 days ago
  • my only fear is if theres a shoot out and someone shoots he batteries

      24 days ago
    • I never thought of tha. would it be as bad or worse than a gas tank being shot?

        24 days ago
  • I don't think it is a bad idea, but will definitely need bigger batteries to run all the accessories police use and will likely need extra range.

      24 days ago