- Ford Ranger Raptor. Pic Credit: Ford.

Ford working on a Ranger Raptor with a 5.0 litre V8

It is for Australia only...

The best 4X4 - Ranger Raptor is now going to get jacked up. Really jacked up, like goes from really nice Bruce Banner to Hulk jacked up. Ford Australia has planned to put a 5.0 litre V8 from a Mustang into the Ranger Raptor.

...comes with 5 year factory warranty and only for Australia...

Ford Australia has outsourced the transplant of the V8 into the Ranger Raptor to an external engineering company. The pickup is said to make similar power and torque numbers to the Mustang - big power improvement, performance will also improve drastically. The engineering company will also complete manufacturing of the pickups and will be delivering them to dealerships. At the dealerships it will be sold with 5-year factory warranty.

I really like this, because the Ranger Raptor deserves the 5.0 litre V8 transplant because now it will deliver the power that many people want and would love to have.

I love this news because Ford as a company listens to the wants and needs of their customers and people.

The best news is that this pick-up is exclusive to Australia and Australia only. And as this is a vehicle many people would want, start saving up for this already.

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  • I’m assuming this is a badly timed April Fools joke. I dumped Ford by selling my Ranger when they decided a 2l 4cyl should replace a 3.2l 5cyl diesel. Given their desire to downsize, the likelihood of one getting a V8 is like expecting Michael Schumacher to make a comeback.

      1 year ago