Leaked: Full body shot of Ford's Baby Bronco

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It seems that every week there is something new to say about Ford's upcoming Bronco, and its smaller sibling, the Baby Bronco/Bronco Sport. Well we finally have photographs of what this latest off-roader from Ford is going to look like.

Motor1's Christopher Smith broke the story yesterday, highlighting important information that can be seen from this image, including the unibody construction shared with Escape, but the Baby Bronco uses a boxy design to hide its crossover architecture, much like the Jeep Renegade.

Based on the size of the wheel arches to the rest of the vehicle, this will likely do battle with compact crossovers that are keen on getting their rims dirty like the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass/Cherokee, as well as the Toyota RAV4 Adventure, and perhaps even Chevy's new Trailblazer. Powertrains will likely be the same as the Escape, which could be interesting considering the Escape can be optioned with a hybrid drivetrain.

Ford has a lot of explaining to do, but their press team is keeping their mouths shut until the right moment. I imagine we will see the Baby Bronco, and its larger sibling within the next auto show cycle, along with Ford's mysterious midsize wagon they've been testing as well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you for the new Bronco? Comment Below!

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  • We bought a little Bronco, in 1986; joked that it “shrunk in the rain”. The DMV even tried to license it as a truck, so CA could milk more taxes off it (THAT was an adventure in communication!!)

    But its 6 cyl., Mitsubishi drive train, served extremely well. It’s worked above-&-beyond expectations many won’t try. But, sadly, we’ve reached a tipping-point. . Our Bronco2 has about 300,000 miles on it, never had a garage shelter, so looks every bit as worn as the odometer implies. . Still, the motor always ran like the proverbial “sewing machine”, reliable as the sun rising in the east, ‘til the poor thing finally blew it’s head gasket; it’s been parked for almost a year, ‘til we decide what to do with it.

    We need a workhorse that’ll tow a Costco trailer, yet, get good mileage. We need to rebuild the old one, or do a remove/replace engine, to get it back in operation again. BUT, these days, we need an automatic AWD tranny, & our old one is standard 4WD.

    OR, we need Ford to sell/install an electric conversion kit to fit it. OR, we sell it to someone willing to TLC it, so we can buy a newer workhorse.

    I was told by mechanics, buying my Bronco was a big mistake, that the heads all cracked at about 75K miles...mine didn’t. I was told it got crummy mpg....it got about 22 mpg...really pretty average, not bad. I was told by snarking males, for 30+ years, that it was a joke of a car., would suddenly blow up, yet, it’s been excellent, durable, survived bad mechanics, been saved by good ones; it’s towed trailers piled with maybe too much, been totally loaded inside + trailer, driven lots of bad roads...yet, still sounded like a great engine, even when it’s head gasket blew. We’ve loved that little Bronco!

    I need whatever we get, to do THAT level of reliability, durability, & real work, for another 300K miles, like this one has! Any hope of that?

    SOOoooo......your article teased Ford’s gonna make both size of Broncos...but gave no nuts’n’bolts info..... PUH-LEEZ! That’s like car salesmen trying to sell cars, by bragging how many cup holders & makeup mirrors there are! Give readers the nuts & bolts info of what the new Broncos are expected to be capable of; what they can realistically bring to bring to the driving experience!

    Maybe then, there can be a conversation!

    22 days ago
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    • There is no further information out on the Bronco that is reliable enough to post about.

      21 days ago
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    • Parents had this Bronco 2 when I was a kid, it’s like I lived your post...

      20 days ago
  • When I was in high school many of my friends and classmates had Bronco’s, CJ5’s and International Scouts. All these sporty 2 doors had off road capability and looked cool. I guess that made them teen dream machines. That said, I’m not sure I would welcome the new Bronco if it’s a 4 door. I don’t think it would live up to the spirit of the original. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    19 days ago
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