- Ford's new system provides reassurance to owners

Fords can now alert the driver when the car is being broken in to

Once activated, the car communicates with an app where it sends any suspicious activity.

Vehicle crime has remained a big problem for owners even despite people staying at home due to the pandemic. The issue is much more prominent in urban areas where people have to park their car on the street overnight. It also is a lot harder to hear the alarm over the noise of traffic, construction and infrastructure.

Ford have decided to tackle the problem with 'SecuriAlert' which is described by them as a 'smartphone-connected heightened security system'. It works but monitoring attempts to open doors when it has locked or any other attempts to gain access and sending a message to the driver. The feature can be 'armed' and 'disarmed' via the app and will monitor pre-existing sensors in the car and send a push notification if it identifies anything suspicious.

The system was first installed on Ford commercial vehicles earlier this year but is now available for normal ford customers. Over 100,000 cars in the UK have built in SecuriAlert and as the number continues to increase, it can act as a deterrent rather than a treatment whilst providing the owner with reassurance that their car is safe.

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