Ford's Drift Stick Makes The Focus RS Electonic Parking Brake Drift Friendly

Ford has turned the humble electronic parking brake into a a drift aide.

3y ago

Today Ford annocued the world's first pullable eletronic parking brake specifically designed for the Focus RS. This Ford Performance part attaches to stock Focus RS's and uses the electronic parking brake as a rally inspired drift aid.

Electronic parking brakes are boring window switches that replace the traditional parking brake levers used by would be drifters across the globe. Even a car with drift mode like the Focus RS was saddled with a fun sapping electronic parking brake and Ford knew it could be improved.

To make this situation right Ford got to work on a solution. Ford Performance internally called Project Wicked Stick which was led by Ford Performance program manager John Wicks. John used the same team that developed the headline grabbing Drift Mode to work on this skid enhancing parking brake.

The Drift Stick fits between the driver's seat and the shift lever and uses the Focus RS's All wheel drive system and ABS unit to lock up the rear wheels. The result is a on road replica of the hydraulic parking brakes used by rally drivers to create tight drifts during racing.

There's no welding, drilling holes, or altering the interior of the Focus RS to install the Drift Stick. This is a true plug and play unit that gives your Focus RS the ability to do even more drifting. The kit will run $999 and orders start shipping in December, just in time for Christmas.

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