Ford's Electric Mustang SUV Slides in the Snow

9w ago


Ford is creating a new Mustang-based electric SUV. It's controversial, sure. But it's certainly capable. Ford has shown off just how capable it is with a new video.

The video includes great glimpses of the new car. It definitely uses Mustang styling details, as well as some that hark to typical Ford SUVs of today. But there's nothing really of interest with the camouflage. Perhaps when that comes off, we'll see a great car. However, we don't yet know if it will have Mustang-levels of performance. It's clearly four- or all-wheel drive.

Either way, Ford recently found that only 19 percent of Americans trust EVs in bad weather. They also found that only 28 percent would choose electric power over a regular gas-powered engine to travel in an emergency. So Ford took the vehicle to the Smithers Winter Test Center in Northern Michigan. And they dispelled any thought that their EV can't handle the conditions.

The test drivers interviewed in the video were impressed by the capability of the vehicle. It seems like Ford will definitely put this vehicle into production. What do you think about it?

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Comments (22)
  • Please... No... Please god, what major sin have we commited to anger you enough to send this monster down upon us... Please... Forgive us... Don't... Don't do this... Please...

    2 months ago
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  • People keep saying it's the "Mustang SUV" but I feel like that's just a tidbit of information people keep latching onto in order to bring people to their articles. I don't think this SUV looks anything like the Mustang nor does it appear to be at all related to the Mustang. Ford isn't Mitsubishi. They're not going to name this SUV a "Ford Mustang Cross". The blue horse logo is for another EV project down the road unrelated to this SUV

    2 months ago
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