Ford's GT gets angrier for 2020

15w ago


You'd expect Ford Performance so sit back and count the dollars from GT sales. After all, you had to be invited to buy one in the first place, and the entire allocation of 1000 cars, to be produced over the four-year period from 2016, was sold even before the first one left the production line. However, Ford recently announced it was extending GT production by a further 350 cars. Still rare, but at least more super wealthy folk can grab one now.

And they'd be pleasantly surprised they waited in line. Ford Performance has just announced some slight updates for the GT for the 2020 model year. The 3.5litre EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 remains, but has been given a 13hp boost to a round 660hp, with a much broader torque spread. There's also some know-how coming straight from their track department too, with improved cooling via redesigned air ducts in those iconic flying buttresses generating 50 percent more air flow into the intercoolers.

Ford also took the chance to make the optional Akrapovi titanium exhaust standard for 2020. In addition to saving a few pounds, the deeper sound should sit well with it's supercar looks. Speaking of the design, one of the newly available options on the GT includes what Ford calls "Liquid Carbon" finish. It's basically the raw carbon-fibre body of the existing car without any paintwork - just a clearcoat to protect it from the elements. Remember, this is a car that comes with carbon-fibre wheels as well. So now you can rock a totally carbon Ford GT. Nice.

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Comments (12)

  • We want a goddamn V8 on a Ford GT

      3 months ago
    • Why though. The current engine is already perfect for the job. Why fix something that’s not broke??

        3 months ago
    • Well technically the v8 in the gt wasn't brokethey still "fixed it"

        2 months ago
  • Flat out amazing car ... strangely I get more jazzed over something obtainable to me. I look at all these super cars, hyper cars, mega-super-hyper cars and feel total detachment ... lol. As though I’m looking at a life sized HotWheels. The chance of me ever driving this GT is as remote as me driving the passion purple barracuda from my childhood. Heavy Sighhhhhh

      3 months ago