Ford’s New Drift Stick Steps Up Its E-Brake Game For The Focus RS

1y ago


Ford Performance has gotten pretty good at giving its customers exactly what they want to enjoy their cars, even if they don’t actually know they want it. At SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Ford revealed its new “Drift Stick” for the Focus RS. Developed in conjunction with Ford factory driver Ken Block the aftermarket part looks like a hydraulic handbrake designed for rallying, but actually is electric. The “Drift Stick” uses the Focus RS’s anti-lock braking and all-wheel-drive systems to allow you to lock the cars rear wheels without causing unnecessary clutch wear. As a result, RS owners will be able to initiate slides that are very similar to the ones Block showcases in his Gymkhana videos. “I think it’s really cool that Ford Performance is offering customers a way to create large-angle drifts in the Focus RS,” Block said in a statement. “Obviously it’s something that I’m really passionate about having been a part of the development of the production vehicle, so it’s exciting to see it come to life. It definitely makes the car even more fun to drive.” #Ford #Focusrs #News #Fordperformance #Drift #Sema #Engineering #Kenblock #Motoring

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