Ford's Putting The Focus RS's Engine In The Mustang

1w ago


Ford's entry-level Mustang Ecoboost was a decent car to drive but lacked the special sauce to make it great. Luckily, according to, Ford is introducing a high-performance Ecoboost Mustang with Focus RS's engine and goodies from the V8 GT.

Ford's new Mustang Ecoboost High-Performance Pack (HPP) takes the Focus RS's lively engine and pairs it to an improved Mustang chassis. The Ecoboost HPP benefits from Mustang GT brakes and Mustang GT Performance Package aerodynamics and suspension components to make it the highest performing Ecoboost Stang yet.

According to Ford, the HPP project started out as a small passion project between 5 Ford engineers who swapped an RS engine into the Ecoboost Mustang. After driving their finished product the engineers were able to convince internal stakeholders to pursue the project after a couple of spirited test drives.

The Ecoboost HPP with come standard with an active quad-tip exhaust in addition to the performance enhancements. The HPP package is available for both coupes and convertible models either with an automatic to manual transmission.

Ford hopes this new Ecoboost trim will make high-performance Mustangs more accessible to fans who might not be able to afford a V8 version. This package offers tried and true optimizations with a truly special engine.