Ford's return

Ford is Finally back with great Sport cars as Mustang and Focus Rs

4y ago

I have always thought Ford as an old and unworthy car manufacturer due to the fact that no sport cars were produced since a long time: in fact the last important victory in motorsport was the famous hat trick during the 24 hrs of LeMans with the GT40 in 1966.

Now the time has changed. Ford has returned into the scene with a new Mustang. The latter will be available in the european markets and will be equipped with new rear multilink suspensions and the possibility to switch from the original V8 engine to the 2.3 Ecoboost without losing its timeless charm.

Thanks to the creation of new sport versions of its most important models distinguished by the initials ST, Ford is reaching the achievement to make fall in love again his fans and the youngest generations. Again, thanks to the help of Ken Block, famous for his videos on YouTube, Ford has developed the new hot hatch Focus RS with 350 hp.

In the end, how not to mention the creation of the new GT and the return in Motorsport with the competition model that brought to the victory at LeMans in 2016 in the category GTE, success that was achieved the last time 50 years ago.

Ford is back, safe your belt.

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  • No mention of the Raptor? It is an off-road machine, to be fair, but that truck is truly in a league of its own. Ford has the luxury baja-capable truck market cornered at the moment.

      4 years ago