Ford's Tourneo Custom MPV

Ford have updated their large MPV and made many improvements. I owned the original model which was very much an adapted Transit, with eight seats. The new model is a stand alone vehicle, specifically designed for the task of carrying eight people with all their luggage.

It takes on this task very well, offering huge space for all passengers and their baggage in what ever form that takes. The car is so adaptable it can have seats folded, removed or flattened back. The Tourneo can become a cargo carrier with rear seats removed and still carry driver and four people. All seats have Isofix for fitting child seats, so if you have twins, triplets or up to septuplets you can handle it with this car.

All the family's needs are taken care of with the large rear cargo area. If you need to keep your pushchair opened up, or carry a wheelchair the Tourneo custom swallows them up, and allows plenty more bags and bits to be stowed.

The latest version, also has far more specs and technology than my original. All the newest safety features you would find in a modern car, are fitted. Lane diversion warning, parking assist and warning, and reversing camera to name a few.

Controls to some of the features are on the steering wheel, so you can answer a connected phone, change car settings and alter sound on the media playing. The cockpit display also advises when you should change up or down gear for best economy. Digital displays also show you your average MPG, remaining fuel range.

The Tourneo Custom has a six speed gearbox, which is very good, with easy and smooth movement, and ideal position for the driver. As mentioned when reverse is engaged, the media screen becomes a monitor for the reversing camera.

Fuel consumption has greatly improved on this model, with the 2 litre engine returning an average over various journeys, of 40 MPG. The six speed box allows for lower revs at higher speeds, which the original didn't have. The better power to weight ration also improves the performance and MPG. A nice touch is the gear change advice that flashes up in the display. A green arrow appears to advise on changing up or down and to what gear. (see the film review on Youtube MrJezwebb for this function displaying.)

The large sliding doors on both sides, allow for easy entry and exit for passengers and any loads beening carried. All seats fold flat and can be removed, to create a real cargo carrier. The Tourneo proves an ideal vehicle for family outings, and becomes a mobile cafe with the benefit of stopping where ever the scenery is good. Large drinks holders in the front allow for the Grande coffee, and there are two bottle holders for driver and front passenger.

Bring the cafe to the view. The Tourneo custom allows you to take the family out with all the bits and pieces this involves.

Bring the cafe to the view. The Tourneo custom allows you to take the family out with all the bits and pieces this involves.

As mentionrd all seats fold flat or can be removed easily, turning the MPV in to a real load carrier offering practicality.

The one niggle that I have with the Tourneo is the rear door. It is huge and heavy, which makes it difficult to park and open. You have to be aware of where and how far you park if reversing in to a spot. A few metres gap is needed behind to allow opening and clsoing of the door. When opened items can also fall out as they have lent against the door during transit. I wish Ford had installed split opening doors, which are far easier to use, allow unrestricted parking options and look so much better.

Lots of lovely touches in the Tourneo Custom, turn it from an eight seat Transit to it's own model.

Ford really have looked at this model and made great improvements, making it much more family orientated. They have added lots of modern day necessities including an inverter to allow three pin plugs to be connected, and power chargers etc

The vehicle is powered by Ford's EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi engine, and there are a range to choose from. You can have 105 PS, 130PS or 170PS. The engine needs you to AdBlue which is an additive to prevent pollution. Ford have also added Auto start-stop which allows you to have the engine switch off when stopped, in traffic, at lights or waiting for a train to go by. You can see this demonstrated in my film review, which will be on Youtube MrJezwebb and website

The new FORD Tourneo Custom is labelled a minibus but it is far more elegant than the imagery the label evokes. It is very stylish and hugely practical. Seating for seven passengers and space for all their luggage and requirements during any length of journey.

It is a great MPV, with super specifications and technology that keep everyone safe, while still enjoying themselves with the entertainment connections available. You will also be travelling in comfort with quality seats, and air condition controls. passengers can recline their seats and when the sun does shine, they can make use of the fitted side window blinds. The imagery is now more of being in a limousine. A limousine that allows you and your passengers to Go Further, with great mpg, and running costs.

If you are in the market for a vehicle that allows you to carry seven passengers, or huge loads when seating removed, then you need to test drive a Tourneo Custom. It will not disappoint.

words and photos by Jeremy Webb @driveand_ride Youtube MrJezwebb

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